This area includes all videos associated with ReliaSoft's XFRACAS software system, as well as other resources to learn about this powerful web-based FRACAS failure reporting tool.

XFRACAS is a highly configurable, web-based incident/failure/data reporting, analysis and corrective action software system (FRACA/FRACAS/DRACAS). The system facilitates the acquisition, management and analysis of product reliability, quality and safety data from multiple sources and supports team-based problem solving and related activities.

Watch 'Reliability Software: THE SYNTHESIS PLATFORM'

This video provides an overview of ReliaSoft's Synthesis Platform
and how it unites ReliaSoft's best-in-class applications.

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Currently, no videos are available for the XFRACAS software. However, new videos are always in production, so follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.